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Getting Started

Sethealth is a toolkit that allows developers write healthcare software easier. The services and SDK provided allows you to focus into building a great product, without having to worry about handling all the different medical formats and protocols, making sure data is correctly anonymized and safely encrypted for storage, visualizating, annotating, measuring...

1. Signup in Sethealth Dashboard.#

2. Install Sethealth in your app#

npm install @sethealth/core

3. Login into the Sethealth Dashboard#

Get your app's public key by clicking the "Web API integration" button. It will be a string such as the following one:


5. Run sethealth.initialize()#

Once you have your public key, you just have to import the SDK and call the initialize() method with your public key.

You will find this code in the dashboard.

import * as sethealth from '@sethealth/core';

6. (Optional) Generate access token#

Cloud services, such as storage and datasets requires of a short-living access token. In order to generate these tokens, two steps need to be complited:

  1. Create service account
  2. Integrate our server-side client into your backend.

This architecture gives you full control of which users can use our services.

Once you have a token, it can be used by the library using the auth module:

const token = await callMyBackend();
await sethealth.auth.setAccessToken(token);

After that, all the SDK APIs that connect with our services will be enabled.

Next steps#

At this point, you can start playing with the SDK. Please check out some of our guides: