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NameDocsTypeDefault value
filterFilter function that takes a `MedHandler` and returns `true` if the volume wants to be listed. `false` if otherwise. By default, no volume is filtered out.((med: ItemHandler) => boolean) | undefined
groupByGroupBy function takes a `MedHandler` and return a group-by category string. All volumes with the same category will be grouped together under the same header. By default, the date (day/month/year) is used as category aggregator.((item: ItemHandler) => string) | null(v) => formatDicomDate(
itemsItems containst the `ItemHandler`s you would be able to select. It is a required field.ItemHandler[] | undefined
selectionTypeThis property, when defined, allows the component to behave as an form input, allowing user to select `MedHandlers`. When "multiple", the components allows the selection of multiple `MedHandlers` by rendering a checkbox for each one. The component will then save the selection state in the `value` property and emit the `setChange` event whenever the value property changes. By default, the `selectionType` is undefined, meaning that NO selection UI is displayed and neither `setChange` nor `value` have an effect."multiple" | undefined
sortBySortBy function allows Volume to be sorted by any given property. By default, it's sorted by date.(item: ItemHandler) => any(v) => ?? 0
valueValue reflects the current selected `MedHandler`s. This property only applies when `selectionType` is defined.ItemHandler[][]


setChangeEmitted when a listed `MedHandler` is selected. This event includes an array of all the `MedHandler`s selected in the "detail" of the CustomEvent.
setClickEmitted when a listed `MedHandler` is clicked. This event includes the clicked `MedHandler` in the "detail" of the CustomEvent.

CSS parts

groupThe item's container
group-headerThe group title
itemEvery item of the menu
item-descriptionText of the item
item-imageThe thumbnail image